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Purles Chemical Peel

Acid Peels

Acid Peels are technologically advanced peels based on fruit acids and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs). They ensure an effective, high quality exfoliation. BHAs are the perfect solution to face and body skin problems. The power of highly concentrated solutions, the unique composition and a low pH-value make Acid Peels an ideal tool for professional skin care. Acid Peels regenerate mature skin, clarify grayish skin, even out discolouration, normalise oily and acne skin, remove imperfections, scars and stretch marks. They are suitable for all ages and skin types. BHAs and their fast and long-lasting results are the best alternative to painful and invasive treatments.



The treatment is dedicated especially to dehydrated, tired, delicate and sagging skin – it can be successfully applied to sensitive face areas, e.g. around the eyes or the mouth.

Thanks to the relatively superficial application to the outermost skin levels the peeling off effect is barely visible. The focus of the treatment is to intensively re-hydrate the skin. Consequently, the skin flexibility is improved, small wrinkles are shallowed, the complexion is brightened, the skin regenerates more quickly, existing irritations are soothed and discolouration lightened.



  • intensive regeneration
  • rehydration and tightening of skin
  • smoothed wrinkles and shallower lines

How often?

  • as a one-off beautifying treatment
  • an intensive treatment – a package of 6 sessions ​

M-Peel 40%

M-Peel is recommended for all skin types but especially for the sensitive skin that does not tolerate AHA acids. It is ideal for the skin prone to photo-ageing or with irregular discolouration and increased acne. It regenerates skin by improved elastin fiber synthesis and brightens discolourations, lentigines included. The structure of the mandelic acid resembles the composition of antibiotics used to cure acne. It improves the condition of oily skin immediately and regulates the sebum discharge.


Indications: Sensitive skin, photo-ageing, discolourations, melasma, lentigines, post-inflammatory discolourations, oily skin, seborrhea, comedonal acne, rosacea, and whitehead acne.


The aim: Skin regeneration, smoothing of small wrinkles. Brightening of discolourations and unifying the colour of the complexion. Fast improvement of the condition of oily skin, sebum discharge normalization, comedo and skin inflammation reduction.


How often? A package of 5-8 sessions. Initially, a 3-5 minute exfoliation every 10-14 days. Intensive exfoliation: 5-7 minutes every 21-30 days.

You can repeat the treatment series twice a year with a minimal break of 3 months between them.


F-Peel 20%

F-Peel is a perfect brightening peel. It also rejuvenates and regenerates the skin and reduces discolouration. F-Peel contains florentine, which lets it penetrate the skin easily. The lactic acid hydrates the skin and stimulates lipid synthesis. This ensures the correct skin protection.


Indications: discolourations, mature skin, wrinkles, photo-ageing symptoms.


The aim: Brightening of discolourations and unifying the colour of the complexion. Skin rejuvenation, shallower wrinkles, tighter skin.


How often? A series of 5-8 sessions. Initial exfoliations: 1-2 layers every 10-14 days. Intensive exfoliations: 3-4 layers every 21-30 days.


You can repeat the treatment series twice a year with a minimal break of 3 months between them.


Cavitation peeling

The aim of the treatment is to remove dead epidermis cells and excessive sebum, bacteria, toxins and cosmetics leftovers.

After the peeling your skin is ready to absorb beneficial care products better. The cavitational peeling gives you visibly smooth and silky skin. On the outermost layer of your skin ( stratum corneum) ultrasounds break dead cells in a noninvasive way.

The treatment oxygenates your skin and improves its blood circulation. The peeling is especially recommended for sensitive and delicate skin.


  • grayish and impure skin
  • comedos
  • skin in need of regeneration
  • insufficiently oxygenated skin


  • poor systemic condition and fever
  • acute sinusitis
  • pregnancy
  • viral, fungal or bacterial infections within the treated area
  • heart valves or pacemaker
  • tumours and cancer
  • metal implants within the treated area


Antiacne MediBac Treatment

The treatment soothes the skin and has antibacterial effects. Its curing properties help normalize sebum discharge processes. It also helps eliminate bacteria that provoke acne in adults.


Age Smart – Intensive Rejuvenation

The offer is addressed to customers over 35. The treatment is based on an innovative series of anti-ageing products and advanced dermatological studies. Visible effects involve the brightening, smoothing and nurturing of the face as well as an instant improvement of skin tightness.


Ultra Calming – Soothing Treatment

It is a highly effective remedy for sensitive skin. The treatment successfully soothes burning sensations and redness. It offers an immediate relief to those suffering from rosacea. It will also help if your skin has been irritated by exfoliation. The combination of the Ultra Calming™ formula with plant extracts efficiently protects the skin from new irritation.


Face Shape Correction

The aim of the treatment is to regenerate the outer layers of skin, smooth wrinkles and increase tissue tension in order to improve the shape of the face. The products used in this treatment are abundant in moisturising and nourishing elements. Not only do they make the skin smooth and silky but they also protect it from harmful influence from the environment.


Plasma IQ

Plasma is a state of matter resembling gas and consisting of a proportional number of positively and negatively charged elements. During the treatment we use a special device (the “generator”) to ionize air gases and produce plasma. When applied to the patient’s skin, such a plasma stream easily penetrates the epidermis but does not interfere with deeper skin layers. This results in a safe and effective skin lift.

The treatment technique involves numerous applications of the device on skin, which makes corneocytes evaporate from the epidermis. The application leaves crusts of not even 1mm in diameter. The treated area is fully movable. This lets both us and the patient monitor the effects immediately.

The traces of the treatment disappear after about a week. Since the dermis is not affected and the redundant tissue is not removed in a mechanical way, the treatment is noninvasive and bloodless. This is a perfect alternative for surgical and laser treatments. The effects are visible almost immediately and last from 2 to 4 years.


The treatment is particularly recommended to lift skin around the eyes and the mouth, to fight deep wrinkles (the smoker’s wrinkle, crow’s feet or wrinkles around the ears), to help with some types of skin damage e.g. stretch marks, scars, discolouration, warts, acne, moles, and birthmarks.


When the GeneO®+ technology is involved in our treatments, your skin gets younger, brighter and nourished. There are 2 possible variants of these treatments, depending on the expected results.

The NeoRevive® formula maximally oxygenates your skin to make it look younger and tighter. Moreover, the NeoRevive® capsule closes pores, improves skin density, nourishes the skin. Your skin will be beaming with health.

The NeoRevive® treatment is based on the natural body reaction which oxygenates the skin. The method has been patented by Pollogen. The application of the NeoRevive® gel with a special combination of active ingredients restores the right skin density and hydration levels, improves its colouring and counteracts ageing processes. Additionally, a massage with the GeneO™+ device tightens the skin and makes it look younger.

The results of the NeoRevive® treatment:

  • Optimal skin rejuvenation and counter-ageing effects
  • Smooths fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tightens the skin and improves its density
  • Regenerates matt skin and makes it radiant
  • Oxygenates the skin of the face
  • Closes skin pores
  • Hydrates and nourishes the skin
  • Makes the skin look healthier and more glowing
  • Makes the skin easily absorb the nutrients during the treatment.

The NeoBright® capsule combines the best quality ingredients in order to nourish and brighten your skin. The NeoBright® capsule is also used to nourish the skin and improve its colouring and density.

The NeoBright® method is the perfect way for your skin to regain its glow, healthy structure and even colouring. The method uses natural body reactions to oxygenate the skin. Thus, it brightens the skin gently but effectively. The skin is provided with natural softening, nourishing and hydrating elements.

The results of the NeoBright® treatment:

Subtly brightens the skin

Reduces pigmentation and skin damage caused by excessive sun exposure

Oxygenates and hydrates the skin naturally

Brightens the skin and makes it more radiant.

Makes the skin easily absorb the nutrients during and after the treatment

Improves skin density and nourishment.

DERMAPEN -Microneedle mezotherapy

The DERMAPEN device precisely penetrates the skin with pulsating needles and injects active ingredients in the dermis. The micro-punctures themselves stimulate a number of regenerating processes in the dermis. The results are effective and long-lasting. This method of mezotherapy has been appreciated by both doctors and patients all around the world. Which active elements are to be inserted depends on the needs of your skin.



  • sagging skin
  • wrinkles
  • post-acne marks and scars
  • post-wound scars
  • stretch marks


  • Viral, bacterial, fungal skin alternations within the treated area
  • Rosacea
  • Phlegmon acne
  • Cheloids
  • Active herpes
  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy
  • Ongoing anti-acne pharmaceutical treatment
  • Steroids
  • The following conditions: haemophilia, asthma, allergies, heart diseases, epilepsy, hepatitis, cancer, atopic dermatitis

Before the treatment:

  • 1-2 weeks before the treatment avoid direct sun exposure and don't use a sun tanning bed.
  • 1-2 weeks before the treatment avoid surface peels.
  • 3 months before the treatment avoid deep exfoliation.

When you arrive for your visit you will be asked to fill in a client's questionnaire so that we can rule out any contraindications for the treatment.

Stages of the treatment:

  • Within the treated area make-up is removed and the skin is disinfected.
  • Together with the client we choose the appropriate preparation, depending on the expected results.
  • Pulsating needles penetrate the skin and open micro-channels.
  • The treatment is concluded with a soothing mask and a cream./li>

After the treatment:

  • avoid UV radiation, saunas and tanning beds for 1 full week.
  • avoid swimming in chlorinated water for 2-3 days

How often?

  • FACE: 1 treatment every 3-4 weeks; a series of 6-8 sessions
  • BODY: 1 treatment every 1-2 weeks; a series of 6-8 sessions

Intervals between treatments are customised and depend on the needs of your skin.

Radio waves - Thermalift skin tightening


A non-invasive skin lift involving heating of the deeper dermis layers.

It painlessly helps counteract the loosening of collagen bonds. It restructures them, restores the lost skin tightness and removes wrinkles.

Punctual, intensive temperature increase of the dermis results in the contraction and tension of the collagen fibres.



  • face, neck, cleavage lift
  • a need for an improved face shape and skin tension around the eyes
  • droopy eyelids removal
  • crow's feet smoothing
  • facial wrinkles smoothing
  • face shape correction
  • double chin reduction


  • High fever
  • High blood pressure
  • Contagious diseases
  • Tumours or cancer
  • Heart diseases
  • Pregnancy
  • Fresh bone fractures next to the treated area
  • Skin allergy
  • Viral, bacterial or fungal illnesses
  • Implants (metal, plastic, gold, silicon)
  • Cardiac failure
  • Painful and big varicose veins within the treated area
  • Skin Rupture

Before the treatment:

Avoid direct sun exposure, tanning beds and surface peels 1-2 weeks before the treatment. 3 months before the treatment avoid deep exfoliation.

When you arrive for your visit you will be asked to fill in a client's questionnaire so that we can rule out any contraindications for the treatment.

Stages of the treatment:

  • The treatment area is prepared.
  • The conductive gel is applied.
  • The treatment takes approximately 20 minutes. This depends on how big the treated area is.
  • A soothing preparation is applied
  • Care cream is applied.

After the treatment:

  • Do not use chemical peels (AHA and AHB acids) for a full week
  • Do not use tanning beds or saunas for 2-3 days
  • Use gentle skin care products
  • The complete treatment time is 60 minutes.

How often?

60 minut

  • FACE: 1 treatment every 1-2 weeks; a series of 6-8 sessions
  • Final results are visible after 3-6 months.
  • Intervals between treatments are customised and depend on the needs of your skin.

Needleless Mesotherapy

The treatment enhances the absorbability of active ingredients in the dermis. It improves the effectiveness of any care treatment twice over. Depending of the applied products the treatment can regenerate, hydrate or nourish the skin.



  • Sagging skin
  • Counteracting of ageing processes
  • Dry skin
  • Cellulite (thighs, tummy, buttocks)
  • Acne-related skin alternations


  • pregnancy
  • breast feeding
  • epilepsy
  • skin hypersensitivity
  • skin inflammations
  • heart diseases, artificial pacemaker
  • metal elements in the body
  • tumours and cancer
  • thyroid diseases
  • epilepsy


Gentle, hygienic, effective peeling.

Oxybrasion is a kind of a “wet” mechanical peel. The “abrasive material” for this treatment is soline solution and air. Saline is an aseptic 0.9% sodium chloride solution. Its composition is identical to the composition of human bodily fluids. It is neutral for our bodies and does not cause allergies. Its function in the treatment is the hydration, smoothing and softening of the skin. The other essential substance is air, containing 21% of the life-giving, disinfecting oxygen.



  • oily skin
  • dry skin
  • sensitive, couperose skin
  • acne skin
  • uneven skin colouring
  • discoloured skin


  • Viral and fungal infections, inflammatory conditions in the treated area.
  • Epidermis damage (also post-depilation injuries).
  • Serious systemic diseases
  • Sinus illnesses


The treatment involves acoustic waves. In cosmetics the sonophoresis or ultrasonic massage stimulates the blood supply in the skin and is used in order to introduce nutrients and hydrating products in the deeper dermis layers. The treatment serves as a perfect complement to other treatments.



  • sensitive, couperose skin
  • permanently dilated blood vessels
  • rosacea
  • excessive seborrhoea
  • acne
  • dry skin
  • grayish skin


  • fever
  • acute inflammations and systemic infections
  • viral or fungal disease within the treated area
  • metal implants within the treated area
  • pacemaker

Diamond Microdermabrasion

The microdermabrasion is a mechanical method to peel off the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the epidermis). During the treatment the skin is exfoliated by mechanical heads covered with a diamond layer. The broken dead cells are removed by a special pump.

When the outermost skin layer is removed the skin is smoother, brighter, more flexible and fresh as soon as after the first treatment. A deeper microdermabrasion closes pores, removes discolouration and scars are less visible.


  • post-acne scars
  • comedos
  • open pores
  • seborrhoea
  • tiny wrinkles
  • uneven, rough, corneus epidermis


  • acne
  • rosacea
  • viral and fungal infection or inflammatory conditions within the treated area
  • an ongoing anti-acne therapy
  • skin cancer
  • a disposition towards cheloids
  • past surgeries within the treated area

After the treatment

It is recommended to use a sun protection cream and avoid sun bathing for 2-3 weeks.

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