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About Us

Beautiful women deserve beautiful an equally stunning setting. We invite you to visit our Cosmetic Medicine Centre “Podzamcze”. We have made it charming and cosy for our clients. The feminine, elegant Italian style is both classy and modern. Here each and every one of you will feel special and unique. Our staff will make sure you are relaxed and happy during your entire visit. We are waiting for you!


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Cosmetic medicine is a branch of medicine that concerns the aesthetics of appearance .It has 2 major areas of interest. The first one is ageing prevention in a broad sense. All the treatments that make us look young fall into this category. they improve the skin functions and tightness, refresh it and smooth wrinkles. Nobody can say their skin is perfect. When we age we acquire different faults e.g. wrinkles, crow’s feet, scars or discolouration. Modern cosmetic medicine offers numerous methods to remove all those imperfections in a safe and easy way.

Nowadays, physical attractiveness is more and more important. We have always dreamt to stop time and keep our beauty. Today everyone, irrespective of their age, gender or social status, desires to look young, healthy and beautiful as long as possible. This is what gives us self-confidence and psychological comfort. All the imperfections make us think about ageing processes, threaten our good mood, steal our self-esteem or self-acceptance.

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Let’s meet!
We are a team of women who perfectly understand and can cater for your needs. We devote all our passion and care to attend to your beauty.
With us you are always in good hands.

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